The Greatest ENEMY of knowledge is not IGNORANCE, it is the illusion of KNOWLEDGE.

“Most people do not listen with the intend to understand, rather they listen with an intent to reply”.
With the changing times,importance of education has been impressed upon the society, but what kind of Education? Even with the highest qualifications people The-greatest-enemy-of-knowledge-is-not-ignorance-it-is-Greatest-Enemy-of-Knowledge-Quote-by-Stephen-Hawkinghave Expectations,Stigma’s grained into their mind. Take it from caste discrimination to gender insensitivity to what not! Even educated people are in deep dirt. Are these people not educated or is it that the illusion of knowledge which is not leading them to the right path?
Knowledge is not just about storing of information in the mind. It rather is about giving us conscience,confidence,clarity between right and wrong,and courage to stand up. But in reality many of these don’t get associated with it. Because it is not the knowledge people are getting, it is the illusion around that is limiting.
Let me take an example:- People preach at lengths, but practice very less. It means people tell us not to abide by time or respect, but they themselves do not abide to it.
We find lectures saying do not drink or smoke, but unfortunate thing is that we find a pack of it within their pockets, this is what we say illusion. In the academic career too, as a student we get so much time and we also are aware what is to be done in that time. But even though we don’t intend to follow it, we are not clueless, because the knowledge we gather doesn’t make a change within us, it’s the unclear space around it i.e.Illusion, which does not let us to be clear and straightforward. Here ignorance is not the problem, but ineffective knowledge is the root cause for it.
Thus, i want to say that “It is harmful to have an enemy, but it is more harmful to have a false-friend”.


“Well begun is half done”

“No one is born intelligent, and no one is born weak too”. Impression would make to overlook,it may be natural and intentional.But ultimately we have to continue our work in progress towards a good achievement.

In our life we initially waste time and later realise of it and act as if  boiling oil in a vessel. And sometimes we may begin well but tend to lose hope in between. But always a well begin will bring a confidence in you and let’s you to achieve high.

In cricket the then player ‘Master blaster’ Sachin tendulkar, who worked hard scoring the runs and broken the records of history, has made a great debut in the cricket history. No one would expect that in future some one would arise and break his records. Because it was his constant effort that made a great impact on people of him. As records made to be broken, so if someone like Virat Kohli who has given a good strike in the beginning continue well with his strike rate, then he can surely break the records.Similarly if a child is well nourished of his thoughts then it can surely reap those thoughts into an action. We tend to waste our time in the initial moments of the academic year and act as if it’s the last day our life previous day to the examination. If we fail in 1st and 2nd attempts we may think of cracking in further attempts​. No doubt as FAIL is :- First Attempt In Learning, but as the number of attempts and failures proportionalise we tend to lose hope within us. But instead if we strike at once in the very beginning then surely we will be confident in our life. As said ‘No one is born intelligent and no one is born weak too’. So,never let down your expectations and always try your best to aim high and live up to it. It’s still not too late if you start now. All the best and have a bright hope!!!

Film review:-Pushpaka Vimaana(ಪುಷ್ಪಕ ವಿಮಾನ).

“ಒಂದು ಸೈನ್ಯವಿದ್ದರೆ ಇಡೀ ರಾಜ್ಯ ಗೆಲ್ಲಬಹುದು, ಆದರೆ ಒಬ್ಬ ಅಪ್ಪ ಇದ್ರೆ ಇಡೀ ಪ್ರಪಂಚಾನೇ ಗೆಲ್ಲಬಹುದು”(If an Army is there you can win a kingdom, but if a father is there you can win the whole world). This film cast by Mr.Ramesh Arvind(as “Ananta”) is his 100th film as a father. This movie involves sentiments of a father and daughter that brings out the tears filled with emotions from every eye. Throughout the film father tries to keep his daughter in the world of happiness by sacrificing his pains & hardwork. His innocence makes everyone to take an advantage over him. The story is plotted in the jail where he meets with strangers(Jailers) and faces some problems initially. Later everyone gets closer & plan to unite both father and daughter in the jail. Those very childish scenes to comfort her daughter are filled with emotions and is the moral. Some of the incidents at the jail are humourous which brings out a good charm on every audience. Every pain that are hidden in the father to make his daughter happy and the strong bond between them (father and daughter) are well plotted in the movie.

Mr.Ramesh Arvind has put his best efforts to bring out the real feelings as a father and expressed well in childish way in this movie. The songs composed in the movie are good and meaningful that is dedicated to all the daughters by their father. So,I request you people to watch the movie once and understand the pain that a parent tries to keep their child in the world of happiness by sacrificing their pains, And try to keep your parents happy until their lifetime. Watch and enjoy…

Visit to Water world Hubli..

A short gap of 2 weeks after exams didn’t make me excited about the holidays. I could hardly enjoy around 4-5 days out of it. I was just waiting for my college to begin soon. Just had come early to Hubli to spend some time with friends. 

It’s been a Tuesday dated 13/12/16. I was happy and excited to enjoy at the water world along with my friend Vivek. We paid the sum of Rs.400 each, and entered the water world. I was really relieved with all the boring days and could enjoy as much as possible. We had a pool with slides, amusement area and also a wave pool which made me swim through constantly and happy. We could see many friends and family members visit here and enjoying. I and my friend used sliding pool as many times until we were exhausted. That exhaust made us feel so hungry and we waited sometime for it.We were later served with a delicious lunch which was unlimited for all. The lunch made feel a benefit to the visit. We also had some clicks over the pool after the lunch and were back to room. 

Thus, the visit made us so relieved and free from stress. I would like to recommend for more number of people in groups to visit to have more fun.

At water world Hubli (Sliding pool)……

EDUCATION-choose your right…


Is really caste/category required? Can we leave our nation to go in vain from our own hands? Just try to think over it….

Every citizen is to be treated equally, Article 15 of Indian Constitution. It details us about every citizen of the nation should be treated equally irrespective of religion,race,CASTE,sex… So is this the equality? In this nation where a candidate under reservation is allotted a seat under competitive exams for scoring just 40% of total marks, while the General category candidate who has put his hard efforts  to score 90% is unsure of himself whether he would be allocated a seat or no!! Friends reservation are to be categorized not based upon their background, rather it is to be based upon his/her personal achievements in their life, like National level participation in sports and NCC. Reservation was based only for 10 years in those days for the socially untouchables, but now the General candidates are treated in the same way as untouchables in educational aspect of view.An SC/ST who secures above 75% are provided with laptops, Is a general incapable? Even though he secures more than 75% or above is not even thanked! This has become the condition of general category students.

So friends what I want to say is that, let’s don’t blindly follow what our elders have continued making this great mistake for the society, let’s fight for our right till we get it right…..

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Thank you.